Matt Westin leaves a lucrative engineering career to pursue his Passion for Music

January 24, 2018

Matt Westin was born and raised in a blue collar family in a middle class suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. From a young age, he pursued various passions, including academics, sports, acting, and music. After years of searching, Matt found true fulfillment in the creative outlets of acting and singing, dedicating himself to his artistic pursuits, and walking away from a promising career in engineering. With the influences of many legendary artists, ranging from Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks, “all the way” to Frank Sinatra, Matt found his voice


Hard Rock and Metal’s Greatest Acoustic Moments!

January 22, 2018

Not all great hard rock and metal relies on blazing electric guitars. This week the Loudini Hard Rock & Metal Circus asks, "What are the Greatest Hard Rock and Metal Tracks that Feature Acoustic Guitars?" All this and Lou and Lily welcome back Keith "the hawk" Hawkins! Featured Loudini Artists: Butcher Babies Soen Hand of Dimes


The Most Outrageous Rock Fails of All Time!

January 15, 2018

Let's Face It...Even The Best Bands Make Total Bone Head Moves! This week Lou and Lily discuss some of their Picks For Rock's Biggest Fails of all times? They also discuss your picks from our recent Facebook post. All of this plus some great hard and heavy rock to blow your doors off! Featured Loudini Artists: PRYM Cloud Catcher Firewind


Jefferson Angell Picks Up the Pieces after Tragedy and takes his Walking Papers on the Road

January 14, 2018

Jefferson Angell – Vocals, Guitar
Barrett Martin – Drums, Vibes, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Duff McKagan – Bass
Benjamin Anderson – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Put up or shut up. It’s a mantra many rock bands of today tend to give great lip service to, but often fail to deliver the goods to back up their lofty claims. The hard-rocking Seattle quartet Walking Papers knows exactly how to forge the sounds that back up everything they want to be as a vibrant creative entity. “There’s no excuse to not be great anymore,” believes WP frontman, guitarist/vocalist Jefferson Angell. “Everyone now has access to everything related to music, right at their fingertips — every recorded sound, endless lessons for kids to learn every guitar lick, and the very foundation of music and where it all comes from. In a weird way, I think that raises the bar for what artists need to do with their own work.”


Songs that NEVER Mention the Title in The Song

January 10, 2018

This week Lou and Lily discuss songs that never mention the title. Some of us find this really annoying! Why do artists do this? We discuss your picks and thoughts as well. Featured Loudini Artists: Greta Van Fleet Meka-Nism Tax The Heat


Chris Keup: Why Music Publishing Is Still VERY Important

January 4, 2018

Charlottesville, VA-based music publishing start-up, Salinger Songs, is pleased to announce an administration deal with Kobalt Music, one of the world’s largest publishing companies. Kobalt will collect royalties generated from Salinger’s catalog through its global infrastructure as well as provide creative support, helping to find placement opportunities for individual songs in film/television/advertising. Many Salinger artists will also be able to release their material through AWAL, Kobalt’s digital distribution service.


The Fountain of Youth Across The Decades with Jonathan Cavier

January 3, 2018

Phoenix-based singer-songwriter and pop performer Jonathan Cavier is no stranger to writing catchy tunes that blend wide-ranging influences into a multi-faceted yet cohesive sound.

Originally from Northern California, Cavier (“cav-AIR”) moved to Phoenix, AZ where he performed as Alan Clark in the atmospheric pop duo, EyeTalk. Over the course of 10 years and five albums, this venture saw their music reach international audiences in Italy, the UK, and Australia. After five albums and hundreds of shows played throughout the US, Alan Clark has reintroduced himself under the pseudonym Jonathan Cavier. With one solo album, Premier, already under his belt, Cavier further defines his sound on 2017’s 10-song release entitled Blue Room.

Cavier has created a sound of his own, as he merges his new pop and rock influences from his early influences from the 80’s. Premier saw Cavier’s music reaching the ears of audiences around the world, thanks to its catchy songwriting and unique style. Blue Room, Cavier’s 2017 full-length album, promises to be all of that and more as his songwriting style continues to mature into a balanced blend of pop styles from the 80s to today.

Cavier is also no stranger to recording covers, having launched a monthly series of “Cavier Cover” song releases in late 2016. Each song in the series pays tribute to an artist, song, or moment that was key in Cavier’s artistic development.

Ultimately, Cavier hopes to “transport listeners to colorful three-minute worlds,” through his careful composition, thoughtful lyrics, and stunning visual accompaniments. In addition to his musical endeavors, Cavier is a semi-professional tennis player and a member of the USTA and IFT. Cavier says practicing and playing in tournaments is “the fountain of youth.”


Shawn Phillips: from Teaching Joni Mitchell to Play Guitar to Singing With The Beatles

January 3, 2018

Shawn Phillips is one of most fascinating and enigmatic musicians to come out of the early '70s singer-songwriter boom. The mere fact that he was a musician as much as a singer and songwriter made him stand out, and helped him attract a dedicated following. His refusal to shape his music -- which crosses between folk-rock, jazz, progressive, pop, and classical -- to anyone else's expectations has allowed him to hold onto a large and dedicated cult following, without ever achieving the stardom that his talent seems to merit.......With 15 albums behind him since the mid-1960s, Phillips has a following, in America, Europe, and Japan, and he has performed at different world music festivals. A cult figure whose peers include Van Dyke Parks and, perhaps, Leonard Cohen (though Cohen's public profile is enhanced by his following, as an established poet and author, in the literary community), he remains an enigmatic figure on the music landscape. His work remained sufficiently in demand in the 1990s, however, to justify a best-of compilation from A&M in 1992 that included notes by Phillips and one new song. In 1998, eight of his LPs were re-released via the Wounded Bird label. 


The Secret to Massive Sucess as a Song Writer that NO ONE will Tell You

January 2, 2018 Hosted by Lou Lombardi aka Loudini & Kevin O'Connor Topic: The Secret to Massive Sucess as a Song Writer that NO ONE will Tell You! Birthday Shout Outs: Carl Perkins, Phillip Wright (vocals, drums, Paper Lace), Mark Kelly (keyboards, Marillion), Gerard Way (vocals, My Chemical Romance), Albert Hammond Jr (guitar, The Strokes) Featured Artists Robert DiMaio , Lance Lopez , Convoy


American Darlings: The Beatles Mix Tape for the 21st Century

January 2, 2018

American Darlings have been providing whoozy, tremolo-soaked guitars and winsome hooks from Brooklyn since Fall 2010. The Big Takeover, Culture Collide, The Deli (artist of the month), Impose magazine have joined the buzz about the quartet's catchy fuzz pop. With the new Rubber Tracks EP out and another one out soon, four words describe these American Darlings-infectious, melodic, catchy and loud.