The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

Nandan Guatam pulling in beautiful music from the ether despite his lack of musical knowledge

September 18, 2018

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A spiritual awakening 2-decades in the making would bring Nandan back to music in a way he never imagined, freeing his mind and soul to compose music aligned with his sophisticated jazz-pop tastes and imbued with his newfound illuminated wisdom.

The sleekly ambient “Hold On To Your Sails” soars with melodic lead vocals, uplifting ocean imagery, infectious beats, and ethereal electro beauty. Nandancomposed, produced, handled all the voices, spoken word, and played keys and programmed all drums and synth baselines. The track boasts a heady mix of pop, rock, lounge, world, electronic, and spoken word.

Today, Nandan is a renowned yoga exponent and is the author of a Lie and a Truth, an anthology of conversations with his master.



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