The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

Rival Sons Great Western Valkyrie (Album Retrospective)

June 19, 2022

#rivalsons #ledzeppelin #jaybuchanan
In 2014 while a lot of bands were producing hip-hop flavored rock and nu-metal, there were a few select bands who reminded us why we fell in love with rock and roll in the first place. Rival Son's was one of those bands.
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Their fourth album, Great Western Valkyrie came crashing onto the rock scene like a steam locomotive bearing down our backs and thundering in our ears. The loud open drum sound and cranked-up fuzz-driven guitar riffs took us back to a "better time" in music but with both feet firmly planted in the 21st century.

On the Loudini Rock & Rock Roll Circus podcast we will do a deep dive into Rival Sons' Great Western Valkyrie and find out what made it an instant classic.
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